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How do you brush a tablet PC?

The brush, a very magical words, basically all the problems you encounter # # tablet computer can fix the brush. For example, can not open the machine, into the system, forget to unlock the password, card, slow response, etc., you call the customer service phone, in most cases will also ask you to brush first try. Is the brush really so amazing? So how do you give the tablet PC a brush? Buy today online shopping Xiaobian with everyone on the tablet PC brush machine knowledge.
What is called a brush machine?
Brush is simply to reinstall the tablet computer system, the same as the computer reinstall the system. Under normal circumstances, as long as the hardware is no problem, then 99.99%, you can brush machine to get through the problems encountered on your plate. (you send back to the factory, in fact, also give you re brush machine, hardware is no problem)
Brush machine is generally divided into soft brush, card brush, wire brush and factory brush four. The most common method of computer or domestic flat wire brush (with a data cable connected to the computer brush, now some manufacturers engaged in the upgrade of the OTA, the more simple, flat inside the point on the line.) ;
Several other soft brush, is to use some special software brush a brush, just like Ghost XP that install the system to the C drive a similar feeling, but the current domestic tablet basically does not support, try this method is not recommended. Card brush panel using this method is to direct the firmware download to tablet or external TF card, and then press the power button and the volume of the brush, do not need a way of using computer, mobile phone card with more flat brush card to see whether to support the official statement. Factory brush is sent back to the factory, with special software and tools to brush you, after thoroughly brick, it is estimated that this way.
How to brush a tablet PC?
First step: download your machine’s firmware package to your official website.
The common plate firmware download: ONDA tablet firmware download, Taipower tablet downloading firmware and firmware download Ramos tablet, tablet, tablet Yuandao Aino firmware download firmware download, Download firmware, SmartQ cube tablet tablet, five tablet firmware download firmware elements under load, Newman tablet firmware download, owin tablet, punaier tablet firmware firmware download download, Download firmware, platinum plate plate box firmware download Forum
Tip: if you are a copycat tablet, then you can’t find the corresponding firmware, call to see if you can’t find the manufacturer, if you can’t find it, you’ll lose it.

How can a tablet phone?

Although some common tablets do not support the installation of SIM cards, they are unable to accept mobile networks themselves, so they cannot make calls. However, ordinary tablet PC can use Wifi+ call software to achieve similar call function.
For example, in connection with the Wifi network, you can use the “micro words”, “WeChat”, “Line” and “mobile QQ” to achieve voice calls, similar to the use of Internet telephony to achieve telephone function.
What kind of tablet PC can you call?
With the rapid development of science and technology, a single function of the tablet computer market is gradually phased out, replaced by multi-function tablet computer, a lot of businesses in order to attract consumers to add calls in a tablet computer, you can call with mobile phone whenever and wherever possible, call the function but also has the advantages of various types of tablet computer, so many people are ask the tablet computer to call what? Today, Xiaobian recommend some for you!
1, ASUS Fonepad7 (dual card version)
ASUS is a very engineer idea enterprise in people’s minds, the slogan is committed to adhering to as solid as rocks, production. ASUS Fonepad7 (dual card version) is Fonepad third products, but also the previous generations of miniature version, configuration and size of the corresponding streamlining, but the price is only 799 yuan, is a very worthwhile flat.
ASUS Fonepad7 (dual card version) of the shape design, followed by the previous generation of style, but narrowed the border, leaving the bottom of the speaker, the injection shell into a dense concave point texture, back shell, feel a lot of improvement. The top is both a receiver and a loudspeaker. The video sound is steady and sound, and the sound is very good.
ASUS Fonepad7 (dual card version) using ZenFone phones, the same ZenUI, depth customization and Android4.3 system, the operation interface style and layout changed greatly, the promotion effect is obvious. In addition, the machine is equipped with UntelAtomZ2520 dual core processor, clocked at 1.2GHz, supplemented by 1GB running memory and 8GB body storage, the overall performance is good.

PC Tablet PC two advantages and disadvantages, what is the real PC tablet combo?

Don’t buy it wrong and see what is the real PC tablet Combo
The concept of combo products “surely we are not unfamiliar, this is the excellent properties of two kinds of products in a body, done much consideration, learn widely from others’strong points, is a new form of products. In fact, when we search for “two in one” products on the Internet, it is easy to see that the most common is “two in one” computer. Here “two in one” refers to the PC tablet combo. As a new product of the PC industry to switch the computer form, while retaining the performance and configuration of PC, it also integrates the portability and entertainment of the tablet. This product may change the PC industry with a slight decline.

Disadvantages of tablet PCs

Because the screen rotation device needs space, the tablet PC’s “performance to volume ratio” and “performance to weight ratio” are not as good as those of conventional laptop computers of the same specifications.
The tablet features no laptop, flat plate can not replace the traditional notebook computer, and can make users feel more difficult (beginners and experts) using computer.
Programming languages are not useful for handwriting recognition. Also, when typing text, using the QWERT keyboard layout requires people to memorize the letter layout of the keyboard layout.
Batteries are liable to damage. The tablet PC battery is a vulnerable component, and how to maintain it has become the most troublesome problem for many users.
Typing. Handwriting input is as slow as typing speeds of up to 30 to 60 words per minute.
Using a tablet computer takes a long time to lower its head (without configuring a dedicated base), causing some damage to the user’s cervical spine, such as neck pain, stiffness, etc..

Advantages of tablets

Appearance: some of the tablets are like a single LCD display, just thicker than the average display, with the necessary hardware installed on the hard disk.
Convenient: portable, it is as small and light as a laptop, and it can always change its place of use. It has more flexibility than desktop computer.
Input: digital ink and handwriting recognition input function, as well as powerful pen input recognition, speech recognition, hand gesture recognition ability, and mobility. Expand the use of PC, the use of dedicated pen, operate on the computer, so that it is as simple as paper and pen use. It also supports keyboard and mouse, like ordinary computers.
Operating system: Table PC Windows XP operating system not only has the common characteristic of the Windows function of XP, a common application is compatible with the XP can run on a tablet computer, increase the handwriting input, extends the function of XP.
Notes: Digital notes, you can always remember, create your own text, charts and pictures. At the same time, the integration of electronic “ink” in the core Office XP applications using ink, in the Office document to retain their own handwriting.
Management: convenient deployment and management, Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, including advanced deployment and policy features in Windows XP Professional, greatly simplifies the deployment and management of Tablet PC in the enterprise environment.
Mobility: Nowadays, mobility is the focus of many customers. Clearly, compared to laptops, tablet PCs have higher mobility, which can be easily placed into a bag by users, very light. At the same time, tablets are thinner than laptops, and are generally more popular than laptops, which are very easy to carry.
Security: Windows 8 may be the safest desktop operating system ever released by Microsoft, but its overall security is still not comparable to that of iOS and Android. So far, hackers have been unable to make a strong attack on mobile operating systems.

Tablet PC concept

The tablet computer is also called portable computer (English: Tablet Personal Computer, Tablet PC Flat, referred to as Pc, Tablet, Slates), is a small, portable personal computer, as the basic input device with touch screen. It has touch-screen (also known as digital board technology) allows users to use touch pen or digital pen to do the work, rather than the traditional keyboard or mouse. Users can implement input via built-in handwriting recognition, soft keyboards on the screen, speech recognition, or a real keyboard (if the model is equipped).

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